If you like coffee (and other infusions) and you are thinking of choose an ideal coffee maker that meets your needs you will know that it is often not easy due to the great variety of types that exist in the market. And if it is already difficult to opt for a type of coffee maker, it is still difficult to navigate between the number of different brands and models that there are.

For undecided users, on this website we are going to try to teach you everything you need to know so that you can decide what type of coffee maker you need according to your preferences, and also, what brands and models are recommended in each case so that you obtain the best possible product for each case. In addition, this will prevent you from spending money in excess, making sure that you are paying a fair price for a quality product.

The best coffee machines on the market

If you don't want to complicate yourself too much or you already have a certain idea, maybe you just need to know which are the best coffee machines out there to choose yours. As a summary and without discriminating by type, this is the top of our favorite coffee machines:

Philips Series 2200...
Philips L'Or Barista...
Breville Machine...
Bialetti Mini Express...
Bialetti Mocha...
Sage - The Barista...
Philips Series 2200...
Philips L'Or Barista...
Breville Machine...
Bialetti Mini Express...
Bialetti Mocha...
Sage - The Barista...

Types of coffee machines: what is the ideal?

There is not only one type of coffee maker, otherwise the choice would be much easier. There are new electric machines that have evolved to offer the best results and the greatest comfort, without completely displacing the traditional coffee pots. For this reason, today there are both classic coffee machines for the most purists, as well as the most modern ones.

Get to know them well existing types of coffee machines It is vital to know how to choose the best coffee maker according to what you are really looking for. We tell you in a few words here:

electric coffee makers

Hen/Stag electric coffee makers are all those that have replaced external heat sources with electrical heating systems to prepare coffee or infusions. This type of coffee maker is faster and more practical for most homes. In addition, they do not need cleaning or maintenance as tedious as traditional ones. Within this group you can find:

  • Capsule coffee makers: they are the ones that are currently prevailing, since they are very easy to use and fast. You simply choose the capsule of the coffee or infusion that you want to prepare (some allow you to prepare hot and cold drinks), insert it into the machine, and in a few seconds you will have your glass or cup ready. Its pressure system will pass the hot water through the capsule to extract the flavor and aroma of the content and will expel it into the glass/cup.
  • Super automatic coffee machines: these machines allow you to choose coffee beans or ground coffee (providing greater freedom by not depending on a type of supported capsule), but they do not require as much attention as the previous ones. They are usually stopped at the right time, without you having to stop them yourself thanks to a system that knows how much to do. In addition, they usually have other additional functions with respect to the previous ones.
  • Manual espresso machines: unlike the super-automatic ones, they do not have a grinder and the process of priming and pressing the coffee must be done manually. Some have a built-in accessory to vaporize, that is, to allow you to automatically make those milk foams and give the coffee that special texture of professionals.
  • Built-in coffee makers: they are usually super-automatic coffee machines, only they are built-in in the kitchen like other appliances, just as it can be done with washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, etc.
  • Drip or American coffee makers: These are typical electric coffee machines that use disposable filters and an electric heat source. You can use whatever ground coffee you like. The machine will pass the hot water through the ground coffee and filter it to drip the result into an integrated jug. In this case they are not monodose. Some include a thermos jug, so they will keep the coffee hot for a few hours.
  • Italian electric coffee makers: similar in appearance and operation to Italian coffee machines or manual Moka pots, but powered by an electrical source. Keep in mind that many Italian coffee machines do not support induction cookers, hence the existence of their electric version.

traditional coffee pots

They are those that continue to depend on an external heat source. They were invented years ago and still exist today. Many coffee lovers prefer to continue preparing their coffee in this type of coffee machine, controlling every detail from scratch and carrying out a whole "ritual" until they get their perfect coffee. That means they're not as fast and require a manual process, so they're not for everyone. Among them, one can distinguish between:

  • Italian coffee machines: they are very simple coffee machines that consist of a water tank in the lower area. This deposit is the one that is placed on the plate to heat it and make the water boil. So it goes up a conduit and passes through a filter where the ground coffee is found. It extracts its aroma and goes up already filtered to a tank in the upper area.
  • plunger coffee makers: In the plunger coffee maker it is allowed to make coffee and any other infusion. You must heat the water to a boil in the microwave or in a saucepan, and then add it to the inside of the coffee maker together with what you want to infuse. You close the lid and push the plunger so that the flavored water passes through your filter and thus leaves the grounds below.
  • Cona or vacuum coffee makers: It is a very peculiar type of coffee maker that was invented many years ago. Its operation is, in part, similar to the Italian principle. This coffee maker uses an external heat source, such as a fire or burner to boil the water in its lower container, which expands the gas and makes it rise to the upper area through a duct that connects both parts. That is where the coffee to be infused is located. When it is removed from the heat, the air in the lower zone contracts and creates a vacuum effect, sucking the coffee from the upper zone through a filter. The final result will be a ready-to-drink coffee at the bottom, leaving the grounds at the top.

Industrial coffee machines

Finally, the industrial coffee machines They are a separate category. In general, they could be integrated into the electric ones, since they work with an electric heating system. But they are more expensive, larger machines with superior capabilities. This allows you to make coffee quickly and even make several coffees at the same time in some cases. They are suitable for hospitality businesses such as cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc., although there are many who buy them for home use.

best-selling coffee makers

Continuing with what has been said so far, these are some of the the best coffee makers that you can buy this year with the best value for money, leaders in their respective categories according to the types of coffee makers that we have already detailed:

De'Longhi EDG315.B Dolce Gusto Genio Plus

De'Longhi has created one of the best coffee machines for Dolce Gusto capsules that you can find With a power of 1500w and a fast heating system so you don't have to wait a single minute to have your coffee ready when you feel like it. With its 15 bars of pressure you can extract all the best from the coffee or infusion capsule to give the best possible flavor.

In addition, it integrates a 0,8-liter capacity water tank, which will allow you to make several coffees without having to refill it. It stands out for interesting functions, such as prepare hot or cold drinks, maintenance is easier than ever thanks to us warns when it's time to descale.

The Italian manufacturer of coffee machines has taken care of the design of this machine, with details in stainless steel and a shape that will adorn the place where you place this device. It also includes flow-stop function to stop the jet automatically, self-adjusting drip tray for all types of cups and glasses, automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of inactivity, etc.

Krups Inissia XN1005 Nespresso

The well-known manufacturer Krups has created another of the best coffee machines for nespresso capsules that you can find in the market at a cheap price. Maximum comfort in this compact and lightweight machine, with an ergonomic handle and an attractive colour.

It has a button to turn it on, and in just 25 seconds It will be ready and with the water at the right temperature to prepare an excellent coffee. All fed with a 0.7 liter capacity tank, with cup size adjustment with its buttons (Espresso and Lungo), for short or long.

Its power and pressure 19 bars They guarantee that you can extract all the aroma of the ground coffee bean from the capsules, as well as the properties that are expected from a good cup of coffee. A pressure that has little to envy professional coffee machines.

Also has anti-drip system, and automatic shutdown system if you leave it on without using it for more than 9 min.

Bosch TAS1007 Tassimo

If you prefer the Tassimo capsules, the manufacturer Bosch also offers another of the best capsule coffee machines for this consumable firm. 1400w of power, 0.7 liter tank, and a compact and attractive design complement this machine to infuse.

With it you can enjoy the flavors of a selection of more than 40 drinks hot with all the original flavor. No complicated settings, just choose the capsule you want, press the button and wait for your cup or glass to be ready (with adjustable support for different sizes).

And to keep the clean coffee maker and that the flavors do not mix, after each use the coffee maker has a pressurized steam cleaning system to leave it immediately ready to prepare a different drink.

Philips HD6554/61 Senseo

Another of the great European brands is Philips. This time he has a model of a coffee maker for senseo capsules that you will love Available with an innovative design and in a multitude of colors to choose the most suitable according to your tastes.

It is a unique coffee maker, since despite being single-dose it allows you to prepare two cups of coffee simultaneously. Everything quickly and easily, selecting the intensity of the long, soft, short and strong coffee that you want at any time and waiting for the instant result.

La Coffee Boost technology ensures to extract all the flavor of each capsule with its pressure, guaranteeing a better flavor. In addition, the Crema Plus technology ensures that the crema layer is finer and has a better texture than in other electric coffee machines. And if you don't use it, its energy-saving technology will automatically turn it off in 30 minutes.

Oroley 12 Cups

Oroley It is one of the best brands you can buy of this type of italian coffee makers. Many people prefer to prepare coffee with this type of traditional coffee maker because they say they like its flavor better. They are also durable and cheap.

It is made of aluminum, and is suitable for all types of kitchens, except induction. Its water tank has a capacity for 12 cups, although there are various sizes to cover various needs. It also includes a safety valve to prevent accidents.

A true classic to enjoy coffee the old-fashioned way, listening to the gurgling and inhaling its aroma. It cannot be missing in your home and in addition to preparing a delicious coffee, Italian coffee machines add a distinctive touch that will not go unnoticed and will give a lot of personality to your kitchen.

De'Longhi Magnifica S Ecam 22.110.B

If you prefer a super automatic coffee maker, one of the best you will find is the Italian De'Longhi Ecam Magnifica, with 15 bar pressure, 1450w power, removable 1.8 liter capacity water tank, LCD panel to view information, cappuccino system, adjustable coffee dispenser for different sizes, and automatic cleaning.

Without a doubt, this is one of the highest-end coffee machines. The amount of functions that it brings is spectacular and the finish of the coffee is simply delicious. freshly ground coffee thanks to its automatic grinder at the top and maximum level when it comes to personalize your coffee.

This home coffee maker offers about professional results that you will love if you are a lover of good coffee. In addition, it allows you to prepare two cups of coffee at the same time. And by not depending on capsules, it allows you to choose the coffee that you like the most.

De'Longhi Dedica EC685.M

The firm De'Longhi also offers another very good model if you are looking for a good arm coffee maker for home. With this coffee maker you will get delicious coffees thanks to the power it offers of 1350 W and its high pressure thanks to its 15 cm narrow traditional pump.

Integrates Thermoblock system to heat the water to the right temperature in just 35 seconds. It works with any ground coffee and with "Easy Serving Espresso" pods, to offer you greater freedom when choosing the product. Also, another of the most important things is your arm with 360º rotation «capuccinatore» to get the best milk foams and cappuccinos as if you were a professional barista.

A safe bet with one of the best value for money designed for all those people who enjoy the process of preparing coffee.

Oster Prima Latte II

Among the best-selling automatic coffee machines is the Oster premium latte., since it has a fairly adjusted price for what it really offers. can prepare delicious cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, as well as steaming milk to get a good foam.

It is a mythical espresso machine, favorite of many websites and coffee lovers for the flavor it gives it at a much lower price than other more expensive machines.

It has a water tank 1.5 liters capacity, with another additional 300 ml milk tank. It can heat up quickly thanks to its 1238 W of power.

It has a Pressure of 19 bars to extract the maximum from the coffee, also giving a lot of creaminess to the result. And it is very easy to clean, and even allows you to remove the milk tank to store it in the fridge.

There is a second version of the machine, the Oster Prima Latte II, with greater power and capacity, and although purists still prefer the original, it is still an interesting bet.

Cecotec Cafelizzia 790 Shiny

This Cecotec electric coffee maker It is one of the most interesting within this type. The famous manufacturer of domestic robots also makes coffee machines with an elegant design, compact, and achieving very good results compared to its direct competitors.

It has a power of 1350w to heat the water for infusions, Thermoblock to make it fast, 20 bars of pressure to get the best cream and the maximum aroma like professional coffee machines, it includes a steamer to texture the milk and get the best foam, it allows hot water to be ejected to prepare infusions, a 1.2-liter capacity tank, and an anti-drip system.

Melitta Look Therm Deluxe

If you are one of those who prefer American or drip coffee makers, the German Melitta is one of the best you can buy. It is an electric filter coffee maker, with a power of 1000w (efficient class A), a capacity of 1.25 liters, and made of stainless steel.

Tasty and aromatic long or short cups of coffee to choose from, with a thermos that can keep the coffee hot for 2 hours thanks to the isothermal insulation of its jug. It also includes a lid, anti-drip filter holder, compatibility for 1×4 filters, handle, descaling program, water hardness adjustment, and is dishwasher safe.

Cone Size D-Genius

It's the real thing Cona coffee maker, or vacuum. There are many other similar ones on the market that try to imitate it, but this is the only one that maintains the original design of this traditional coffee maker, as well as its authenticity, since it is still manufactured by the Cona firm.

Made in Europe, with two containers of borosilicate glass resistant to thermal shocks and with the authentic system that will extract all the aroma and properties of the coffee thanks to the vacuum suction effect that characterizes it.

Owning a Cona coffee maker is serious business, a whole brand of style and personality. That is why we suggest you flee from imitations and look for the original Cona. Its price is higher, but the stamp is inimitable.

plunger bodum

If you prefer to use the plunger coffee makers, the Bodum is one of the best and cheapest you can buy. This coffee maker has a strong borosilicate glass container, capacity to prepare 8 cups at a time, and a plunger with integrated filter.

Heat water until it boils, add the ground coffee or the infusion that you want to prepare to the coffee maker, let it infuse and press the plunger so that filter all grounds and leave them trapped in the background. This way you will get your drink instantly.

This type of coffee maker will remind more than one of your grandparents, and it is a cheap, manageable, easy to transport option and that also serves to make infusions of all kinds.

Lelit PL41TEM

Lelit is one of the most prestigious manufacturers for automatic coffee machines for industry hotelier. With easy to clean stainless steel, integrated coffee bean grinder, large capacity 3.5 liter water tank, 1200 W of power, and a high pressure system.

It has a 3-way valve to dry the coffee powder, a group of heads to prepare one coffee at a time, and a brass kettle. It is compatible with both coffee beans, ground coffee, and also coffee pods. In addition, it includes a system to vaporize and generate a good foam.

As the brand itself indicates, a coffee maker “only for coffee lovers”: entirely made of steel, the finish is spectacular and its functions are at the height of the most demanding coffee growers.

How to choose a coffee maker: step by step summary

If it seems to you that things are complicated, we will try to simplify the process of choosing which coffee maker to buy. The first thing you should keep in mind is what you are looking for in order to know what you need. Something that seems obvious, but that is not so simple in practice. think now about choose what kind of due you want to prepare your future coffee pot:

  • Only coffee: You must choose between one of the Nespresso, Senseo, Italian, integrable, arm, super-automatic, drip or American, Cona, and industrial capsules (if it is for a business). Within this, you can reduce the possibilities according to whether you want more or less comfort:
    • Automatic: Nespresso capsules, Senseo, integrable, arm, super-automatic.
    • Manual: drip or American, Cona, or industrial.
  • Other infusions (tea, chamomile, lemon balm, valerian,...): You must choose between a Dolce-Gusto, Tassimo, or plunger coffee maker. As in the previous case, you can narrow down the possibilities even more:
    • Automatic: from Dolce-Gusto or Tassimo capsules.
    • Manual: plunger.

Once you are clear about what type of machine or coffee maker you need according to what you want to prepare, you can see the following diagram to determine which are the differences of each type of coffee maker, and thus finish opting for a specific one:

  • of capsules: fast, simple and practical.
    • Nespresso: the result is a very intense coffee, with a very good body and aroma, as well as the right texture. The capsules are more limited compared to Dolce-Gusto or Tassimo, since you only find coffee, of different varieties, but only that.
    • Dolce GustoPairing: intense coffee, good aroma, good foam and texture. With a wide variety of coffee capsules of different types (espresso, spotted, cut, decaffeinated,...), as well as milk tea, cold tea, and other hot and cold drinks.
    • Tassimo: Although the quality is not as high as the previous two, it does offer similar results. In addition, the capsules that you can find are very varied, as in the case of Dolce-Gusto. From very varied coffees to infusions and other well-known party drinks. With more than 40 different types, it is one of the best options if you are looking for variety above all else.
    • Senseo: it happens as with the Nespresso, it is somewhat more restricted in terms of variety. The coffee in this case the quality is similar to that of Tassimo.
  • Superautomatic, arm or integrable: these three have equal results. Coffees similar to those obtained in the professional industrial coffee machines, and with the advantage of the vaporizer arm to create high-quality foam that you cannot achieve in capsules, nor in other electric or traditional ones.
  • other electrical: for the American or drip coffees, in addition to not being as easy and fast as the previous ones, the result of the coffee is very clean, allowing different aromas and flavors to be appreciated. Despite this, lovers of good coffee do not appreciate them as much. Instead, they can be good for those who are looking for something cheap, with the freedom to use any coffee, and who make large amounts of coffee at once and are not single-serving.
  • Traditional: the process is not as comfortable as in the previous ones. You must carry out the process step by step manually until you get the result.
    • Italian: they allow you to prepare a good coffee with a very pronounced aroma. They are also cheap and not complicated to use, although the process is slower. However, it allows you to make more than one cup at a time depending on the size.
    • Cona: if they are the authentic Cona, the results are very good. By infusing the coffee at a lower temperature than others (about 70ºC), this makes the coffee maintain its organoleptic properties better than other types.
    • plunger: They can offer results similar to the previous ones. Their greatest strength is that they are very cheap and ideal for older people who do not know how to use modern ones or who do not want to complicate their lives.
  • Industrials: for businesses, achieving professional flavors and textures due to the features they offer. They are more expensive and larger. These types of espresso machines are manual, although there are also super-automatic ones.

What coffee to buy?

Depending on the type of coffee maker you use, you will need one coffee or another. Maybe even your coffee maker supports multiple types of coffee. Each of them has its peculiarities and tricks. Do you know how many kinds of coffee capsules exist? What is the secret to choose the best ground coffee? and if you buy coffee beans, how to grind it well?

Coffee accessories: the essentials

The world of coffee is vast and if you like this drink you will not cease to be surprised by the number of options available for turn the coffee experience into something unique. For many it is even a ritual. However, there are a number of accessories that seem essential: milk frothers to achieve excellence in creaminess, coffee grinders for a perfect texture or thermoses to preserve and transport your own coffee. Check out.